Rhino Poaching Stats Prove ANC govt incompetence

rhino poaching stats prove government incompetenceAbsolutely nothing has changed or improved when we talk Rhino Poaching. For our South African Environmental Minister Edna Molewa to even stand up in public and be proud that 40 less Rhinos were poached last year is an utter embarrassment. Mrs Molewa like Mr Zuma should step down because you are both utterly useless and stupid.  40 less Rhinos poached simply means it is getting so much harder to find the damn things.  If the ANC had bothered to do anything the past 8 years (other than steal people’s taxes) and they could come now and say Rhino Poaching had gone down by 50% well….. then we might be able to say we are STARTING to head in the right direction but 40 ???  What an utter joke and embarrassment.

Ms Molewa has ignored calls from the public and hundreds of organisations for an entire year to release statistics monthly but she just print blank refused stating she “very busy”. Now to come 365 days later and rush in like the savior of Rhinos is such a joke.

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South Africa’s Minister for Environmental Affairs, Edna Molewa, announced Thursday that 1,175 rhinos were poached in the country during 2015. This is a slight drop from 2014, when a record 1,215 poached rhinos were officially tallied, and marks the first year since 2007 that has not shown an increase over the previous year. Kruger National Park, the epicenter of poaching in the region, recorded 826 rhinos illegally killed in 2015, one fewer than 2014’s total of 827.

Minister Molewa hailed the reduction as “very, very good news” and said it “offers great cause for optimism”. She attributed it particularly to the efforts of law enforcement and security agencies who, she said, had managed to avert the spike in poaching that normally occurs around December as poachers seek extra money for the Christmas holiday season. She said that South Africa’s rhino population “continues to be stable” according to the most recent census data.
However positive any indication of “peak poaching” may seem, it’s important to look at these latest figures in context. Minister Molewa did not provide poaching figures by province (as has previously been done), but WildAid’s sources within the province of KwaZulu-Natal — a major rhino region — confirm that at least 116 rhinos were poached there in 2015, an increase over the 100 poached in 2014 (the province’s official figures will be released at the end of January).

Full article at : http://www.wildaid.org/news/crisis-continues-despite-slight-decline-rhino-poaching

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